Hook Juice

As W.C. Fields once said, "'If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."



Our Hook Juice Infomercial...


Everyone Likes Apple Juice I thought...

These great bowlers don't use garbage products like Hook Juice that claim to alter a bowling ball. Support the PWBA!! Support Youth Bowling too!!

For an at home rejuvenation of your bowling ball we recommend Simple Green and Hot Water or see a reputable PSO for an in shop treatment.

If you have $50 to try some over priced degreaser please consider giving it to charity. There are many worthy organizations out there who can use and would appreciate the money.


Good Luck and Good Bowling!!!

brought to you by Bowlers who don't like getting ripped off, for Bowlers who don't like getting ripped off...

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